Café Monthly Special

Enjoy our home-made feel good special every day this month!

Cheese Platter...
Baron Bigod | A Brie-style cheese with a crumbly texture at the core, & a silky breakdown at the rind. The flavour balances a clean lactic brightness with mushroomy, vegetal notes.
Lyburn Winchester | Ripened to 9 months, falling somewhere between a Cheddar & Gouda, it has an element of creaminess with a subtle nuttiness in flavour. 
Rosary Goats Herb | A young cheese with a soft texture & a fresh, clean flavour with hints of lemon & goat’s milk. Flavoured by the garlic & herbs that you can see on the cheese.

Served with black grapes, celery, caramelised red onion marmalade, rustic ciabatta bread & salted butter. £9 each or £16 for two! 
Available 12pm - 3.30pm.
Something sweet...
Hobbs House hot cross bun, served with salted butter - £3.10
Mama Browns luxury chocolate rice crispy, topped with mini eggs - £3.10
Hobbs House Simnel cake - £4.50
Available all day this April!
Available 01/04/2019 till 30/04/2019. Subject to availability. Please ask a member of staff for more details.