A Guide to English Wine

Daily Mail's expert, Matthew Dukes names Alder Ridge among the best of English wines!

With so many fantastic English wines to acknowledge we are elated to have been selected in celebration of our home-grown wine industry.

English wine is becoming such a vast growing industry, competing with many world-class wines! Matthew Dukes mentions: 'In England we’re making more than 4 million bottles of wine a year and predictions are that by 2020 production will soar to 10 million bottles annually. My call to action is for you to get to know your local or favourite wineries because we ought to be championing them whenever possible'.

He describes our Classic Cuvée 2013 as 'Star Wine: 2013 Classic Cuvée (£29.99) crackles with energy and has a bold citrus theme throughout its long, controlled finish. This wine is setting out on a four or five-year life and will mellow over time.'

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