Our Environmental Commitment

At the Good Life we are committed to doing what we can to reduce our impact on the environment.

No Plastic Bags...All the plastic bags we use are made from corn starch. Being biodegradable they take months (rather than years) to breakdown. We have also introduced a 5p plastic bag charge in hopes to reduce the usage of plastic as well as offering our Good Life bags for life!

Electiricity...All the electricity we use is sourced from a renewable energy supplier (predominantly from wind turbines).

Ecology...The way we farm the 55acres at our sister farm shop Cobbs (where we get our season fruit and veg) incorporates leaving field margins and hedgerow growth at an optimum. This provides the perfect habitat for nesting birds and other small mamals.

Recycling...We recycle as much of our waste as possible. All paper and cardboard boxes are reused when possible. We also recycle plastic and glass bottles.

Recyled Marketing...All the promotional material we produce is always printed on 100% recycled paper using vegetable oil based inks. 

Rainwater Harvesting...Through the use of water butts we collect as much rainwater as possible.